About the Festival

It is exciting to look forward to Auckland hosting Harp Fest NZ from 3-6 February 2023. A range of local and international guests will present workshops, concerts, and talks on all areas of the harp: from jazz music to harp making, and from fringe aspects of the harp world to mainstream performances. It will be a celebration of a diverse and colourful instrument, and the passions and talents of the musicians who bring it to life for us!

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The Venue

Dilworth Senior Campus in Epsom, Auckland will be the main venue for Harp Fest NZ 2023. It is located 1500 metres from Newmarket, Auckland's premier fashion, shopping and entertainment precinct, with plenty of good accommodation options within a ten minute walk of the venue. Dilworth offers a good range of indoor and outdoor areas for our use as performers, learners and enthusiasts of the harp.

The Dilworth Chapel is a beautiful stone building at the entrance of the school, and will be our main performance venue. Close by is the David Beattie Centre for Performing Arts, which contains an auditorium with seating for 120, plus several classrooms and studios. The marketplace and other break out spaces are situated in the heart of the school in the administration and hall area.

Only a short walk down the road is the Lewis Eady | Steinway NZ Showroom, the venue for our Harp Competition.

The Programme

Harp Fest NZ 2023 will feature guest harpists and teachers from around the world to entertain, educate and dazzle us with their music. There will be a marketplace, showcasing local and internationally made harps, music, CDs, accessories and crafts. An art exhibition exploring harps made from recycled materials will also be on display near the marketplace. Early bird (3 day) weekend tickets include access to the workshops, talks, masterclasses (observer) and afternoon concerts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Harp Competition: Sunday 5 February 2023, 2pm

Lewis Eady, in conjunction with The Harp Society of New Zealand, will host the Harp Competition at the Lewis Eady| Steinway NZ Showrooms in Epsom, Auckland. Thanks to the Margaret Neutze Legacy Fund, proudly managed by Perpetual Guardian, three works have been commissioned from New Zealand composers Anthony Ritchie, Michelle Velvin and Natalia Mann for the competition.

If you would like more information about this competition, please click through to the information sheet here.
Harp Competition set pieces can be purchased here: https://nzharpsociety.org/Music-Store

Harp Pedagogy Workshop

With guest teacher, Katryna Tan (Singapore)
Tuesday 7th February 9-12pm, Scott Lawrie Gallery, Mt Eden, Auckland.
Harp teachers and advanced harpists are invited to attend a 3 hour professional development workshop with Singaporean harpist, and innovative teacher, Katryna Tan.

Katryna’s motivational book “Unleash the Musician in You” frees the music student from frustrations and struggles in their music journey through Katryna’s tried and tested “F.A.M.E. Music Success” strategy. Let Katryna teach you the winning psychology behind successful music students with strategies to make music learning effective and fun. Intended for parents, music students and music teachers to aid young students to successfully study music. With detailed advice on how to bring the best in all kinds of students. $65 includes the workshop fee and a copy of “Unleash the Music in You.” Kindly sponsored by the Margaret Neutze Legacy Fund, managed by Perpetual Guardian, and Scott Lawrie Gallery, Mt Eden.

If you are interested in joining us for the Harp Pedagogy Workshop - sign up here

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Aotearoa Summer Collection

We are so excited to present this unique collection of music thanks to the enormous generosity of the featured composers and arrangers – who will be guests at Harp Fest NZ 2023. This diverse collection includes works for lever and pedal harp and features solos, duets and songs, ranging from early intermediate to advanced level. The style of the music includes traditional, jazz and contemporary music.

Listen to Laura and Sannah talk about harps in te reo Māori 😄